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Blue Planet Disinfectant is the latest branding venture of St. Louis native Jim Epstein and the innovative team at Intercon Chemical Company.

Those not familiar with Intercon Chemical will be familiar with the Intercon created chemical lines of leading cleaning product brand successes – including Method Home Care in retail and Swisher Hygiene in the industrial/institutional/commercial market.


From our humble beginnings in 1982, current CEO and President, Jim Epstein, founded Intercon Chemical Company in Saint Louis, Missouri. Through decades of growth and innovation, Intercon Chemical now employs over 150 chemists, engineers, production workers, office, and customer service team members at its 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

At Intercon Chemical, it is our mission to create a cleaner, better environment. Intercon Chemical is recognized as an industry innovator in cleaning and sanitation chemical manufacturing. As an industry innovator, we produce the highest quality formulations for warewash, laundry, housekeeping, foodservice, janitorial, floorcare, restroom care, hand care, general cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection. Intercon products reflect our core commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability. For over 38 years, broadline distributors have chosen Intercon as their chemical supplier.

Intercon’s latest breakthrough technology developed with Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant, made with active ingredient Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid. Active ingredient Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid is shelf stable for 18 months and breaks down into simple salt and water after use, leaving no chemical residue. Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant with Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid (S-HOCL™), is now available exclusively from Intercon Chemical.

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